Our Company

Customer satisfaction encompasses quality and service, and is what makes a company successful. Ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied is our foremost guiding principle.

Striving to continuously improve and extend our products, as well as produce new ideas, components, and features distinguishes our high level of development and innovation. That is why we are able to offer the technology you need.

We believe that a high degree of quality must be attained during the preliminary development phase.

Employee knowledge and integrity in complying with standards of quality is one of our company’s core values. This is why we are constantly training and promoting our employees.


Furthermore, it is particularly important to us that we protect the environment for future generations. We are always looking for environmentally safe materials and methods of production. In addition, we ensure that our products have a high mechanical and energy efficiency rating. Our products are pollution free and reusable.Even our packaging is recyclable. By using primarily wood and corrugated cardboard, we can ensure safe transport with the least impact to the environment.

Our MAL Hotline can provide you with all necessary product information.


Other inquiries and orders are handled by our knowledgeable customer support team. Our customer support team is trained to answer your commercial and technical questions.

If you have special product requirements, we will connect you with one of our product managers for consultation.


Quality control is applied throughout production to guarantee reliable products. Each newly fabricated unit is tested during every phase of the production process, and a final functions test is made before it is approved for shipment.

Quality not only means adhering to legal requirements but going above and beyond to achieve the highest standards possible- OUR OWN.